Lorain Outer Breakwater Repair – Lorain, OH Client:USACE

This ongoing project involved nearly every type of marine task all wrapped up into one.  A portion of the outer cellular breakwater had failed, and numerous others showed signs of advanced deterioration.  The location was challenging due to remote and exposed location in the outer harbor.  Our tasks involved:

  • Demolishing and removing failed cell.
  • Dredging our failed cell fill
  • Installing New Z piling Cell
  • Backfilling cell and installing reinforced finish concrete cap
  • Bolstering cell with sloped armor stone on both the interior and exterior faces.
  • Diver inspection and verification of Cracked sheeting on original cells
  • Diver installation of 10 custom pre-fabricated repair panels that were between 25 and 32 feet in length using purpose designed special fasteners.
  • Multibeam survey verification of all activities.



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