Great Lakes Dock and Materials, L.L.C. is one of the Great Lakes Regions Premier Marine Contractors. We own and operate one of the largest fleets in the region.  Our ever-expanding fleet of equipment is second to none, capable of tackling nearly any project.  Our equipment is as diverse as any in the region.  In addition to our industry leading equipment, we offer a full staff of marine professionals.  Whatever your needs, our team has the ability to tackle large and small projects of nearly any nature.



Great Lakes Dock and Materials specializes in dredging operations.  We typically perform mechanical dredging, but hydraulic dredging when appropriate is in our wheelhouse.  Our mechanical equipment is capable of swinging buckets up to 16 CY in capacity.  We have some of the largest barge mounted conventional (cable crane) dredges in the region.  In addition, Great Lakes Dock and Materials has large Excavators and Material handlers capable of utilizing up to 5 cubic yard buckets that can be either barge mounted or shore mounted as the project needs dictate.

For materials able to be placed in offshore dump sites, Great Lakes Dock and Materials fleet of split hull dump scows are the ideal tool for material transport.  In addition to these barges, we also have a fleet of deck barges with material bins, well suited for sand materials or other debris requiring on shore disposal. 

If hydraulic offloading of dredge spoils is called for, Great Lakes Dock and Materials has utilizes our custom built hydraulic offloader.  This efficient process allows us to pump sand, mud and small debris at high production rated to distances over 2 miles if utilizing a booster pump.  

Environmental Dredging and Habitat Improvement

Great Lakes Dock and Materials specialized equipment has the flexibility to be adapted to nearly all projects of this nature.  Environmental projects typically are loaded with unique requirements and restrictions.  A production minded one size fits all approach does not apply for these projects.  Our ability to select from a wide variety of specialized equipment as well as fabricate or design custom tools and applications puts us at the forefront for services we can provide.  We have designed custom turbidity enclosures to work in conjunction with our level cut environmental clamshell buckets to minimize and contain suspended sediments.  We are proficient in utilizing precision positioning and monitoring sensors and software that allows us to work nearly as surgical underwater as is we were on land.  We are able to use either larger conventional crane up to 16 cy or various size hydraulic material handlers or excavators from 2.5 to 5 cy capacity.   If surgical hydraulic dredging or hydraulic offloading is required, our hydraulic pump system in conjunction with our hydraulic excavator can perform tasks that most other hydraulic dredges are not capable of.  This tool is also customizable with a variety of head attachments to efficiently tackle a wide variety of materials to be dredged. 

Our team of professionals has the experience and know how to tackle nearly even the most challenging of projects.  Our personnel are all HAZWOPER certified and continually trained/certified to be able to react at a moment’s notice.  In addition to environmental dredging, we perform a broad range of habitat improvement projects.  These are often very similar in nature in that they almost always require a unique project dictated approach.


Shoreline Protection

With the current high-water levels observed throughout much of the Great Lakes, this has become an increasingly more common need for our clients.  Erosion, property destruction and encroaching shorelines are issues throughout the region.  Great Lakes Dock and Materials is an industry leader in this area of work.  Our large equipment is capable of handling stone up to 22 Tons or more.  Our towing capabilities enable us to utilize the most cost-effective source for large quantities of big stone.  Our ABS load lined barges and fleet of tugs are crucial components to getting materials on site.  This is often the biggest hurdle for shoreline work.  Our team of professionals uses proven methods and approaches to tackle even the most challenging of projects. 


Bulkheads and Wharfs – Steel Sheeting and Repair

Being located on the Great Lakes, there is a large demand for existing bulkhead and wharf repair and installation.  Great Lakes Dock and Materials is an industry leader in this field.  Our Team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to tackle even the most demanding projects.  Owning and operating some of the largest floating equipment in the Great Lakes allows us to tackle projects of any size and scope.  Inspecting and repairing existing structures often involves the use of diving operations.  Our in-house team ensures that we can meet all your needs.  Whether it is Steel, Concrete or Wood, Great Lakes Dock and Materials can make it happen.



The size and volume of the commercial traffic along with wave conditions in the Great Lakes has warranted a significant investment in breakwaters of all shapes and sizes. Great Lakes Dock and Materials is able to provide the muscle to tackle these types of projects.  Usually this work involves exposed conditions, large materials and completely waterborne self-sufficient equipment.   If there is a breakwater in the Western Great Lakes, chances are we have worked on it in one fashion or another. 


Docks and Marinas

Great Lakes Dock and Materials has the ability to design and construct nearly any marina or dock facility that you can imagine.  From large commercial facilities to municipal marinas to private owners – We are the professionals you want on your project.  We are a pre approved vendor for the State of Michigan for our floating dock system.  Wether your contruction is fixed docks, floating docks or commercial docks, we have the equipment and know how to bring your project to life. 



Great Lakes Dock and Materials Diverse and mobile fleet is well suited to perform or assist in salvage operations of nearly any nature.  Many times these needs are of emergency nature and on an unplanned schedule.  Environmental or other operational issues often dictate a swift response.  Our Teams are dedicated to helping you through these often perilous circumstances.



On many projects that Great Lakes Dock and Materials undertakes, there is the need for commercial diving operations.  Our own in-house team is qualified to perform nearly any task that may arise.  Our team is familiar with working within strict USACE dive operation requirements.   Safety is our main priority.  Our team undergoes constant training as well as equipment maintenance and upgrades.   Be it salvage, welding, cutting, rigging or inspection, our dive team is the solution for your project.


Marine Transportation and Towing

Great Lakes fleet of tugs and barges is capable of meeting nearly any need, no matter how big or small.  We routinely barge stone from Quarries located a significant distance from our projects to give us a competitive advantage in material quality for both our projects as well as those for others.  Our fleet of ABS Load Lined barges is able to transport materials or supplies wherever they are needed in the region.  By owning our large fleet of tugs and the barges, we are unique in that we can tackle most construction projects while simultaneously providing transportation for materials and equipment.  In addition, our home port facility in Muskegon provides us a large and well-equipped dock to stage and transload equipment and supplies.


Hydrographic Surveying, Sampling, Engineering and Design Build

Great Lakes Dock and Materials has our own team of Hydrographic and Marine Professionals.  Additionally, we own and operate a diverse support fleet of some of the most advanced equipment in the Great Lakes Region.  We can support any project.  Our engineering staff can either provide a solution for your needs or work in conjunction with your team to streamline projects.  For projects in the design stage, we have the equipment to survey and sample sediments for permitting or design.  

Nearly all of our dredging and stone work equipment is equipped with the latest in real time dredge positioning/tracking equipment and software.  Our operators are proficient in its use allowing us to maximize efficiency.  Our survey capabilities are second to no one.