Lower Rouge River Old Channel (LRROC) – Detroit Mi. Client USACE/USEPA

This large-scale project involves nearly every facet of an Environmental Project in a challenging high flow environment.  The site includes numerous utility crossings, bridges and other structures throughout.  Major Tasks include:

  • Demolition of abandoned and contaminated industrial structures.
  • Dredging of approximately 75,000 cy of heavily impacted sediments and transporting over 20 miles where we both mechanically and hydraulically offload sediments into an approved CDF.
  • Removal of over 2,000 Tons of contaminated debris of all kinds including cars, industrial waste, timber, etc..  Transporting this debris over 20 miles  and offloading them for final disposal in an approved landfill.
  • Design and Construction of bottom sealed barriers and diversion structures for municipal water intake
  • Design and installation of over 600 lf of isolation/stabilization sheeting
  • Design and installation of variable depth turbidity and isolation barriers along with an infinitely adjustable moon pool enclosure for both dredging and capping.
  • Installation of over 5 acres of clean engineered residual cap and backfill.  In addition, much of this area will require additional cover with stone scour protection layer.
  • Managing and operating the transload and offload facilities to handle contaminated sediments and debris.